The Second First Post

The first post of a new blog. Daunting. Exciting. I want to get it right and yet I know whatever I write will not satisfy me. At least not for long. But maybe, like Hemingway said of a novel’s first draft, maybe the only thing a first post needs to do is get written.

Maybe some history will get the ball rolling:

My first blog was a two-year endeavor start to finish. It was meant to be nothing more than an easily accessed platform for far-flung family and friends to receive updates on our growing family, specifically medical news about our new daughter, born with Spina Bifida. We included kids’ milestones and pictures, and it was nice to be able to communicate with our extended network in a timely manner during that chaotic era and to have the news come directly from us, rather than through the grapevine.  But as our three kids grew, the older starting school and the younger two (twins) growing out of babyhood, it got to be too much. Too much exposure, too much pressure, too much time.  And there was also too much going on to cover nearly enough of it for our readers to really get the whole story; the snapshots of our life just weren’t cutting it anymore and it didn’t feel like an accurate accounting. So, instead of ramping up to daily posts and pictures, out went the baby with the bath water. I backed it up (or thought I did- oh the horror when I realized I had only saved the last few entries!), printed it out (whew!), and hit DELETE.  A sense of peace and calm rushed in and I immediately knew I had made the right decision.

Fast forward one year and life looks very different again. (Of course it does.) I have carved out time for writing in my weekly, if not daily, life. I am working on a book (well, three, actually) and am undertaking a fledgling small business endeavor. And a blog seems appropriate again, necessary even. It’s cheaper and much more convenient than therapy. It’s good practice; I think I will warm up my writing brain with a post each time I sit down. I live to learn, grow and be inspired and hope discussion through and from this blog will allow me (and others) to do just that. So, there it is. Something of a  (haphazard) mission statement for a new blog.

Join me on my journey as I build my writing career, raise my family, and contemplate the meaning of life.

3 responses to The Second First Post

  1. Becky

    Nice! I’ve started over with blogging, too, just haven’t published anything yet. I’m bookmarking this new place and shall visit often!

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