Jessie paint your pictures

Have you ever:

felt the energy of a room shift as a handsome stranger walked through the door and straight to you?

been swept off your feet, literally and figuratively?

danced on a table to a Steve Miller Band cover band until last call?

run through crowded streets, laughing and singing, feet flying, feeling fully alive and ready for anything?

started a pickup game of soccer on a cobblestone street at midnight?

felt like a princess in a modern fairy tale?

squeezed too many people in a cab in the early morning hours, singing together off-key to a cheesy 90’s ballad about Jessie and a trailer by the sea?

watched the sun rise with a soul mate, utterly sated and spent?

met someone in the right time and place so that he changed the way you saw everyone and everything from that point on?

dove headfirst into life, fully trusting the universe and your instincts, and come back up completely unharmed and permanently changed?


Me neither.

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