Breaking Bread

In honor of our recent Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I’d share with you the little verse that our family wrote a while back and that we recite most evenings at the dinner table. (While the final product is unique, we did harness the power of Google to come up with the roots of some parts.)

Each family member says their line and then we say the last lines together. We made sure the children understood the meaning of the words- their own and everyone else’s- before we started using it. I have to tell you, the preciousness quotient of a four-year-old with a little lisp earnestly saying “sustenance” is off the charts. Sometimes we hold hands, sometimes we “take five” (deep breaths) before we speak. In the tradition of religious prayers, it’s a nice moment to pause and switch gears, to focus on being together and on what is most important. If you like it, feel free to use all or part of it. Bonus points if you recognize the pop culture references we tucked into it.

Let us receive this gift of food with love and gratitude,

mindful of all living being who are hungry or homeless, sick or injured, or suffering in any way.

Bless all those who brought this sustenance to our table

through their labors and their lives.

May this food nourish our bodies and the company of those we love nourish our spirits.

So say we all.

Cha cha cha.*

*Added spontaneously one night by above-mentioned four-year-old and it stuck.

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