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Breaking Bread

In honor of our recent Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I’d share with you the little verse that our family wrote a while back and that we recite most evenings at the dinner table. (While the final product is unique, we did harness the power of Google to come up with the roots of some parts.)

Each family member says their line and then we say the last lines together.

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My across-the-street neighbor was outside yesterday doing yard work while my children arrived home from school. She smiled and waved; I waved back. We are good neighbors who watch out for each other, but do not get into each other’s business. It works.

Since my family moved to the neighborhood almost eight years ago, she and I have witnessed from a close distance the activities and transitions of each other’s family life. It feels like yesterday her children were starting high school and I had only one toddler. Now I have three kids in elementary school and hers have graduated or are about to graduate college.

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