Welcome 2017-18 Couples!  Please contact me to discuss your ceremony needs as soon as you’ve set your date.  I’d love to speak with you about your ideal ceremony and make it a reality for you.

Joyful, Sermonless Weddings

Congratulations to all engaged couples! New-found loves or longtime partners; gay and lesbian couples; “perfect matches” and those who’ve traveled a rough, winding road together – I want to hear your story and help you celebrate your commitment. As a certified Humanist Celebrant, I want to meet the secular ceremonial needs of the whole community. I will listen with care to create a custom ceremony that embodies your dreams, values and lifestyle. There are few things in life more joyous than serving as a wedding celebrant. As a marriage officiant, it’s my privilege to work with couples to design marriage ceremonies and other relationship celebrations that uniquely express your values and beliefs. Whether your tastes are simple or elaborate, I will help define your goals for your ceremony so that you may fully celebrate the love that unites you.
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Where to Begin?

couple tattoo finger claspBecoming legally married — declaring your intention to join your life to another’s in the presence of those closest to you — is a momentous rite of passage, a statement of deep intention, and an act of courage.  Amid the pressing decisions involved in creating your wedding day, it can be easy to forget that your marriage begins with this act of intention. I am honored to work with all couples, of any or no faith tradition, from all cultural heritages, to create a mindful, heart-filled ceremony that you and your guests will recall as a fitting and meaningful threshold into your life together. The first step is to have an introductory no-obligation consultation to discuss your conception of your ceremony. We will spend some time getting acquainted and determine how my services might fit your needs. I will bring options, ideas, and examples to our initial discussion. We’ll chat and I will listen to your story as well as your hopes and dreams for your wedding day. Then we’ll craft an outline for the ceremony I’ll create for you.  Lars and Jake There are few limitations on what a wedding ceremony looks like, save a few legal requirements. That means your wedding can be what you want it to be, and where you want it to be. As a certified Humanist Celebrant endorsed by the Humanist Society and American Humanist Association, I have the same status as clergy and am authorized to officiate weddings in all 50 states. It is never too early to book your wedding celebrant, as popular dates seem to fill up quickly! Contact me to get started.

Creating Your Custom Ceremony

trad weddingWedding ceremonies with Humanist Celebrants are personalized, custom-crafted rituals intended to reflect your values and your commitment to each other. The possibilities for your ceremony are nearly endless! Every couple has their own unique love story that brings them to their wedding day- this will be the central theme of the ceremony I will write for you. I will weave in elements and rituals from your backgrounds to create a celebration that is as simple or elaborate, as formal or informal, as serious or lighthearted as you want it to be. I work collaboratively with my couples to define your ceremony. From start to finish, you are empowered to create a ceremony that lets your lives and your love speak. I will guide you through the process, suggesting ritual elements and readings as they are indicated. I can help you identify ways to include your guests in your ceremony, too. I’m also equally delighted to “just show up” to solemnize your elopement or simple “I do!”  Simple is beautiful!simple My elopement ceremony options provide a warm, personal alternative to a courthouse wedding. Read more about Wedding Packages here.

The Big Day

If you choose to have a rehearsal, I will attend and lead it for you. On the day of your wedding, I will arrive early enough to check the venue, review the set-up for the ceremony, and assure that any needed props are in order and in place. I’ll introduce myself to other vendors or professionals as appropriate, as well as family members or friends who will be involved in the ceremony. I will provide cue sheets for musicians and readers if necessary, sign your marriage license, and officiate at the wedding. After your ceremony, I will submit your official license to the appropriate government office. A few weeks later, you will receive a keepsake copy of your ceremony to cherish along with your memories, and a feedback request so you might help me to improve my service.

Other Considerations

Some interfaith couples feel strongly about having a member of their religious clergy participate in the ceremony. I am happy to collaborate with another clergy person of your choice to create a personalized and meaningful celebration. Alternatively, if you prefer or your family circumstances dictate, a small personalized add-on service can be designed for before or after a traditional church service. And why should celebrations be reserved for the beginning of married life? Vow renewals and milestone anniversary celebrations are an opportunity to honor the hard but rewarding work of relationships, to refresh – and sometimes even repair – the bonds that connect a couple and their community. Contact me to discuss: wedding-balloons-release
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Does this all sound fabulous, but you already have an officiant or have asked a friend or family member to perform your wedding? Or maybe you want to get married in Tahiti but can’t afford to fly me there with you. My Ceremony Writing Services may be exactly what you are looking for. Let’s chat..

A joyful note on marriage equality

Love is the lawOn May 14, 2013, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the freedom to marry into law, one day after the Minnesota Senate voted in favor of the marriage bill, ensuring that Minnesota became the 12th state to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage.

“What is it like for something impossible to become possible?”  — Reverend Sara Ferguson

Same-sex couples began marrying in Minnesota on August 1, 2013. I joyfully celebrate the achievement of marriage equality in Minnesota, and happily officiate at same-gender weddings.