Celebrating the Beginning of Life

baby kissesCongratulations! Welcoming a new member of the family- through birth, adoption or the blending of families- is a warm, happy experience that can be enhanced with a customized ceremony. Cultures the world over use a variety of rituals to prepare prospective parents for what lies ahead, to welcome new life into the community, and to bestow blessings and a name. A welcoming ceremony is an opportunity for parents to make vows or promises to the child, and for the extended family and community to demonstrate their support for the family. It is a time to share hopes and dreams for the child and to celebrate the new family that has been created. Guideparents or sponsors can be named and charged as lifelong mentors who provide unconditional love and support to the child. family 002I will offer suggestions, samples and creative ideas to craft the perfect ceremony for welcoming the new child into your world.  Each ceremony is a unique blend of promises, readings and rituals, and is written to reflect your values, beliefs and personal story. Welcoming ceremonies are often a great choice for families who want to celebrate this important moment in their lives, but are not interested in a traditional baptism, christening or church dedication. While naming and welcoming ceremonies are often performed for young children, it is never too late to celebrate the new family dynamic. The greatest muticultural familyWhether it’s a blessing for parents-to-be, a baby naming ceremony, an adoption ceremony or other ritual to blend families, we will weave in cherished elements of your family heritage and create new traditions to carry forward. Contact me to discuss: Baby welcoming or naming ceremonies Adoption celebrations Parent blessing ceremonies to prepare for birth/arrival Family blending rituals